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arr Jock McKenzie


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Instrument: brass tentet (score and parts)
Grade: ensemble slightly difficult solo trumpet conservatoire
Catalogue No: SB3

This is a type of 15th-century Iberian stanzaic song called a villancico; the nearest English equivalent would be a madrigal. The language is not quite Spanish, but a kind of Mediterranean Lingua Franca. The title might almost translate as "tweet tweet tweet", since the song is about a lover going into his garden before dawn to gather flowers, hearing a nightingale sing, and asking the bird to tell his lover that he is already married. A simple and charming song, with alternating triple and duple metres, skillfully arranged and ornamented by Jock McKenzie.

Dindirindin was arranged especially for Superbrass and their 2011 debut CD "Under the Spell of Spain", when the solo piccolo trumpet part was recorded by Brian Thomson.

Edited by Roger Argente.
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