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Creatures of the Deep Treble Clef
Creatures of the Deep Treble Clef ThumbnailCreatures of the Deep Treble Clef Thumbnail

Andrew Wilson-Dickson

Creatures of the Deep Treble Clef

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Instrument: tuba/Eb bass treble clef and piano
Grade: mediumslightly difficult
Catalogue No: 2151TC
ISMN No: 9790570279043

Creatures of the Deep is a set of four pieces evoking some of the sea creatures described by the 16th-century poet Edmund Spenser. The music moves from the Rosemarine (the clumsy walrus) and the Monoceros (the frisky narwhal) to the Siren (the mermaid, luring sailors to a watery grave) and finally the scary Sea-Satyre. Performance time of all four pieces together is about nine minutes.

Rosemarine • Monoceros • Siren • Sea-Satyre

Andrew Wilson-Dickson
Andrew Wilson-Dickson is a composer, pianist, harpsichordist, tuba-player and conductor (as well as author and teacher). His compositions are wide-ranging, from Christian liturgical music, through chamber music of all kinds, to large-scale works: three operas, Karuna (an oratorio for peace, 2014) and a completion of Bach's St Mark Passion (2016). He also writes chamber music and concertos for baroque period instruments and for viols.

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