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  • Clapp!!!
    Clapp!!! ThumbnailClapp!!! Thumbnail

    Paul McGhee


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    Instrument: brass tentet (score and parts)
    Grade: difficult
    Catalogue No: SB14

    Clapp!!!! was originally written in 2006 whilst Paul was studying at Music College and was written for two people at one piano. The music uses the rhythmic phasing from Steve Reich's Clapping Music with each rhythm assigned its own tone cluster. As each repetition leads to a shift in the rhythm the change also results in a change in the harmony. Melodic passages are created through these shifts in rhythm and harmony, but only occurring within the given rhythmical parameters. The piece aims to be a study in momentum, with its unrelenting pulse driving us through the music.

    This version of Clapp is taken from the Brass Band version, which was premiered by Manger Musikklag at the 2010 BrassWind festival in Bergen, Norway and has been especially arranged by Paul himself for Superbrass, who has since adopted it as a regular item in their concert repertoire. The exclamation marks are intentional and are there to encourage you to announce the piece in a loud and aggressive manner.

    Edited by Roger Argente.
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